Environmental Management and Technology  
at Merritt College
Welcome! The Merritt College Environmental Management and Technology Program and
Environmental Center (Self-Reliant House) are located in the Oakland Hills between two
wild land watershed open spaces.  The Program is one of the first in the nation and well
known for both its introductory courses and hands-on field courses in diverse subjects
taught by working professionals.

Courses offered cover an array of subjects including: Ecological Restoration and
Watershed Management, Agro Ecology and Urban Farming, Alternative Energies,
Ecology, Global Warming and Climate Change, Ecological Restoration, Food Security,
Environmental Justice, Sustainable Cities, Policy and Planning, Human Ecology, Forests,
Wetlands, Water Resources, Ranger/ Naturalist Training, Environmental Education, Air
Quality, Recycling, Pollution, Wildlife, Population, Transportation and Green Building.

The Merritt College Environmental Center is also home to the East Bay Watershed Center
and the David R. Brower, Ronald V. Dellums Institute for Sustainable Policy Studies.

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EMPLOYERS:  Please send any job openings to us at Ecomerritt@yahoo.com or
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Green Jobs Blog.  

For General Information Contact:

(510) 434-3840 or Ecomerritt@yahoo.com
Merritt College Environmental Management and Technology Program

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Landscape Horticulture and Environmental Program administrative assistant