Environmental Management and Technology
at Merritt College

Degrees and Certificates in Environmental Management and

The Environmental Management and Technology program offers two Associates of
Science degrees and one Certificate of Proficiency in three areas: Ecological Restoration,
Ranger, Naturalist and Outdoor Education; Greening the Urban Environment; and Urban
Agroecology. The E
cological Restoration degree offers students an introductory
background in environmental stewardship, including land management and natural and
cultural history outdoor interpretation and education. Greening the Urban Environment
introduces students to the technical, ecological, social and planning fundamentals of
sustainable construction projects.  Urban Agroecology offers the fundamentals of urban
food production on small (home garden) and large (school and community garden or

Outdoors, Hands-On, Academic Learning

There is a wide range of employment and entrepreneurial opportunities opening in the
emerging environmental and sustainability fields. The Environmental Management and
Technology program introduces the major sectors of the “Green Wave” for those
interested in pursuing careers in this area, transferring to a four-year institution, or
understanding the background of climate change, environmental policy, city and regional
planning, food security, green building, environmental education, environmental justice,
renewable energy, native plant and ecosystem restoration, watersheds, pollution,
recycling, and waste management.

This program will help you choose an environmental field to pursue.  We offer small
classes taught by professionals in the field, in a relaxed atmosphere.  
The program offers
evening and weekend courses each semester to accomodate the schedules of working
adults.  Students in our program are
exploring their interests in environmental fields,
preparing for transfer to upper-division or graduate school, changing or upgrading jobs,
learning specific skills, or are generally interested for personal or employment
Our classes are open to everyone, and have no pre-requisites.

ENVMT Degree and Certificate Options:
Click on the program name for more information, including graduation requirements.

Associate in Science:
Ecological Restoration, Ranger, Naturalist and Outdoor Education
Human Ecology, Policy, Urban Planning, Environmental Justice, Writing, Philosophy,
Outdoor Education and Interpretation, Creek and Watershed Protection, Ecological

Greening the Urban Environment
Introduction to Green Building, Materials, Energy Efficiency, Solar Energy Design,
Construction, Measuring
Performance, Introduction to Certifications (LEED and

Urban Agroecology
Urban Farming, Community Gardening, Local Food Security Issues

Planning Your Program

Consult with the Environmental Studies Faculty Advisor (call 510-434-3840 or e-mail ecomerritt@yahoo.
com) during your first semester in the program, or before, to discuss your options (Proficiency Certificate,
Vocational Certificate, and/or transfer to a four-year college or university), and the courses you will need
to take. Obtain the current Merritt College Catalog and Schedule of Classes in the College Store, or
online at www.peralta.cc.ca.us/ or click
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