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SPRING 2014   

Environmental Racism and Justice        
ENVMT 12 (3 Units) Code: 24332
Nehanda Imara
Thurs 6:30-9:20 PM (1/23-5/22)
Location: M-A 214
American and global environmental policy and ethics concentrating on their
impact on minorities and people of color: Unequal environmental protection;
the politics of pollution, race and waste dumping; and the intersection
of the Civil Rights and Environmental Justice Movements with an emphasis
on civil rights, social justice, white supremacy, and the impact of the Environmental
Movement on people of color.

Introduction to Healthy Community Systems
ENVMT 16 (3 Units) Code: 24333
Tues 6:30-9:20 PM (2/5-5/20)  
Self Reliant House
Introduction to healthy community systems and their impact on both
human and environmental health: Exploration of how “health for all” can
be built into neighborhoods and urban plans and policies; includes
field projects.

Urban Agro Ecology
ENVMT 35 (3 units) Code: 21971
Wed 6:00-9:30 PM  (2/5-4/21)
Kolevzon and Geathers
Self Reliant House
Introduction to the expanding production and distribution
of healthy food and environmentally sustainable agriculture in and
near cities: Organic and intensive agriculture, field methods, policy,
economy, ecology, and equity.

From Tree to Sea: A Bay Area Environmental Cross Section
ENVMT 40 (3 units) Code: 21967
Begins 3/15
Sat 10 AM-4:30 PM (3/15-5/17)
Self Reliant House
Introduction to the outdoor environment of the San Francisco Bay watershed and
nearby sites:  Field study of ecosystems of the bay, hills, forest lands, creeks and
wetlands; and explorations of sustainable cultural, ecotourism, and economic uses of
the Bay environment.


Urban Agro Ecology (Summer)
ENVMT 35L (1unit) Code 31249
Tu /Thur 5.45 - 9.50PM (6/16- 07/24)
Grey Kolevzon and Leslie Geathers
SRH; Merritt Campus
This Lab Course provides an introduction to the  production and distribution of healthy  
food in an near cities. This course will focus on field exercises in ecological farming
methods, and hands on techniques. Along with lectures & tours of local gardens and
farms. Including a exploration of ecological farm design & planning methods, local food
production enterprises, community health and well being initatives, food equity  &
access challenges, biodiversity, energy conservation, and job creation.

Environmental Careers
ENVMT 1 (1 Unit) Code 42441
Robin Freeman
SRH; Merritt Campus
4 Mondays 6:30-9:30 pm 8/25, 9/8, 9/29, 10/6
1 Sun. 10-12, 12:30-4:30 9/14
Career development strategies and exploration of what is available in emerging
environmental fields such as green business, energy, transit, waste management,
watershed protection, and environmental technologies

Introduction to Sustainable Environmental Systems
ENVMT 2 (3 Units) Code 42519
Wendy Wheeler
SRH; Merritt Campus               
Wed 6:30-9:20 PM 9/3-12/10
Interdisciplinary study of the impact of human civilization on the earth’s major ecological
systems: Issues examined in historic, contemporary, and future settings, including
Western and non-Western contexts; material presented from a theoretical point of
view, with a focus on core concepts and methods related to ecology, sustainability,
human population, natural resources, wastes and pollution; reflection of how human
economic, political, and ethical behaviors are inextricably interwoven with the
environment; and presentation of environmental career options.

Social Policy in Agriculture
ENVMT 3 (3 units) Code 44263  
Grey Kolevzon
SRH; Merritt Campus, Field
Wed 2:30PM-5:20PM  8/18-12/12
Sat 10:00-Noon 12:30-4:00 PM  11/15-11/22
Exploration of how culture influences our relationship to gardens, food and the
landscape: Investigation of the symbolic, social, and cultural role of edible gardens in
diverse cultures. Includes field trips to various Oakland gardens.

Introduction to Green Building and Design
ENVMT 20 (3 units)  
Code 44105          
Leslie Geathers, Robin Freeman, Nik Bertulis
SRH; Merritt Campus, Field                                            
Thur  6:30-9:20 PM  9/4-12/11
Sat  9:00-Noon- 12:30-5:30 PM  10/11-10/18
Introduction to green, regenerative, and natural building materials and renovation
utilizing resource conservation; solar, wind, and renewable energy systems; solid
waste management and recycling; landscape design, water catchment and
conservation; building rating systems.Class projects include installtion and
maintenance of a greenhouse, vertical farming systems, storm water biofilter,
greywater irrigation and rainwater harvesting

Introduction to Green Building Lab
ENVMT 20L (3 units) Code 44106
Nik Bertulis
SRH; Merritt Campus, Field
Sat 9am-noon; 12:30- 5:30pm
Hands on use of skills: A real world field course that identifies and works with the green
building and design principles discussed in ENVMT 20.

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